Verbalizing thoughts

I had lunch with an old friend today and we talked for hours. We caught up on each other’s lives, gossiped a bit about people we went to school with, and talked about our mental health and goals. I found, I was saying things that surprised myself. Things that I know I’ve thought and felt, but when it came from my mouth, it somehow felt knew and different to me. Then after lunch I starting thinking about that. I think it happens way more often than I realize, speaking truth to what has not been real to me before. Don’t get me wrong, I express myself a lot, and I’m comfortable being very self-aware. This was just different. I’ve been isolating myself so much lately, that I’ve forgotten to communicate with me! When words are spoken out loud, they carry so much more meaning and depth. Hearing myself speak opinions and aspirations that I’ve only thought in my mind, that was extremely powerful. I came home feeling motivated to create and push myself. I think it’s not necessary to only dream and plan, but we need people in our lives to listen (without judgement) as we speak our truth and hear it for ourselves. There is progress in having to put together your thoughts coherently enough to be understood by another person, it’s almost a forced progress, but progress nonetheless. This week I am challenging myself to think about my goals, come up with a plan, then speak the words so I can hear myself and claim what will become of me this year. Words have power. Dream big, take chances, and speak your truth to whoever will listen! 💚 #LoveAndLight

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