Energize Yourself

How much energy do we really need?

I’ve been overweight, I’ve been thin, and I’ve been average. My weight affects my energy as well as my moods and this is something that is common knowledge. Doctors, scientists, and all kinds of experts tell us that we lack energy because we aren’t getting enough sleep, we consume too much sugar, fast food is killing us. But do we listen? Or do we just buy into this energy craze?!

I can list so many products that are geared towards giving us more energy. I’ve fallen victim to it just like anyone else. Before I started Zumba and lost the weight, I never drank energy drinks or took supplements, I just accepted that I was a rude person and I wouldn’t change. Then I started exercising, I naturally got more energy and was a much more pleasant person most days. I later found that I suffered from anxiety and depression and I had to deal with that, but my problem was not a lack of energy. It was a lack of will.

Once I became a Zumba Instructor, I thought I needed even more energy before so I started taking pre-workout, and even though I could attest to all the negative ways it made me feel, I stayed with it because, well, it gave me energy. As a result, I also had to start taking melatonin to help me sleep at night. I had become a person who couldn’t be awake or asleep without some type of aide.

I have since stopped taking pre-workout and other things like Herbalife, Thrive, or teas that were supposed to be helping me. I’ve become so much more aware of how “ENERGY” is thrust upon me every single day. Now, don’t get me wrong, having energy to accomplish life and do so feeling great is a wonderful thing. But, I have to examine how it’s truly making me feel.

I constantly think I have to accomplish so many things a day to be successful. I continually remind myself that if I’m not smiley and upbeat for people then I have somehow let them down. It causes me to wake up with dread for my day which just enhances my need for man-made energy.

This is my experience and mine alone, I don’t intend to condemn anyone who uses any of these products or truly thinks they don’t have the natural energy to get through their days. But I have to wonder for myself, why do I need SO MUCH energy?

On my own, without everything else, if I am getting enough sleep and eating well, I can tell how much better I feel. I know that if I drink 4 Dr. Peppers in one day that I will have trouble sleeping and will wake up feeling drained. I know that my health is directly related to my overall well being.

I have recently had some problems with my stomach that I still haven’t seen a doctor about. This has forced to to give up soda, fatty food, grease, and sugar. It’s only been a week and I feel like I am withdrawing from a major drug. In a way I am. But I don’t want to continue this way. I want to let go of my constant need for energy and my cravings that are manufactured by companies to keep me eating their junk.

I don’t know if I’ll be successful, but I have to try for my health. I have to wake up and realize that I can have natural energy, all on my own, I just have to.

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